How to make your life more simple

Well, life actually is simple. You on the other hand are making it complicated. You know, I am not telling you the become the second Ghandi, convert to minimalism or start yoga classes. What I will tell you is how you can actually stop over-complicating and. It’s actually simple.

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But first let me ask you a question:

How many great tips or even list of advices did you get from your friends, co-workers and family when you asked the question?

I see. A lot.

How many of them felt actually really relevant for you?

How man of those really triggered something in you?

Which was the one where you really got the feeling “that’s it”?

None? That is probably why you are still reading.

There is no reason to turn around your entire life. Of course the are always bits and bytes where you could improve, become more efficient or faster.

But is it really that what makes your life complicated?

Probably not.

There is a good chance that very few things in life cause everything to be complicated and all but simple.

I remember how I used to spend hours to write important mails. Only to review them again, to re-write and re-think before I’d eventually hit send. But it didn’t stop here. While waiting for an answer I was still analyzing in my hand what I should have written. I figured I’d get slammed for this kind of writing.

Most of the time… nothing happened. I got an answer, that’s it.

So I started to see this pattern and worked on it. I build a basic “how to write important mail” system for myself and started using it over and over again.

Short, to the point and with a clear question or request.

It took a while, but my life got a lot simpler with this approach.

I also regularly failed to go to the gym. You know the feeling, I mean who doesn’t?

It bothered the hell out of me. And it didn’t help my fitness either (now that’s a surprise!).

I started to actively think on how to solve this issue.

I knew I was always to tired in the evening, friends were calling in and anyway I was just hungry after a rough day.

So I started to set away time in the morning. I even started to reserve it in my Outlook calendar. My stuff including nutrition drinks were packed the night before. So in the morning it suddenly became all were simple.

I got up, refreshed a bit, took a protein shake and hit the gym a 7, one hour work out, showering and off to the office at 08:30am. I felt awake, energized and simply happy that I actually went to the gym.

I could provide more and more examples.

The point is:

All those great and generic tips and lists will not get you anywhere.

You are way better off if you look at your life, see what is really making it complex and then one by one work on those things.

Now it is your turn:

What are your biggest “life complications” right now that you can think of?

💡 Smarter Business, Richer Life | 📝 I'm a digital business strategist sharing thoughts about business, money & life | 🌍 |

💡 Smarter Business, Richer Life | 📝 I'm a digital business strategist sharing thoughts about business, money & life | 🌍 |